I am a Penn Stater.

My name is Michael Dusak.

I am not Jerry Sandusky.

I am not Tim Curley.

I am not Gary Schultz.

I am not Joe Paterno.

I am not a child abuser.

I am not a rapist.

I am not 409 wins.

I am not a cover-up.


I AM part of the 50,000+ who supported the fight against child abuse in November, and continue to do so.

I AM one of the one’s who cried tears of joy when Jerry Sandusky was convicted of child abuse.

I AM a contributor to the nation’s largest student-run philanthropy group (THON) that benefits childhood cancer with millions and millions of dollars every year.

I AM proud to say that I will never look the other way, even if there were those before me who did.

I AM a Penn Stater.


This is who I am. Feel free to say what you’d like, it’s your right. But please know who I am before you do. It really does matter.



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